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This retro-style portable barbecue comes in a range of vibrant colours to liven up your outdoor space. This was something we noticed was missing with most other barbecues available on the market!

You don’t need to be a barbecue expert to navigate and create delicious food with the Becoa Grill. 

Each barbecue contains

Barbecue Lid - Available in 5 vibrant colours

Bamboo serving tray & chopping board - Food grade natural bamboo

Easy to clean grill - Stainless steel and dishwasher friendly

Charcoal rack - Stainless steel rack to introduce airflow

Fire Box - Retains heat and removable for easy maintenance

Base with handles - Cool to touch and well ventilated

Detachable legs - Perfect to elevate the barbecue and protect surfaces

Silicone Band - To secure the barbecue in transit

NOTE: This compact barbecue is designed for outdoor use only. Please read this instructions manual thoroughly before use, to ensure your safety and satisfactory operation of this product. 


Height 271mm/10.7inches

Width 470mm/18.5inches

Depth 280mm/11inches